A cabeleira multilingüe


Diana Conchado | Inglés

The Tresses

I was born in a green end-of-the-world land that rambled vagrant after herds of cows.
Uncertain son am I of wandering tribes that stopped only when they reached the earth’s end.
I have no roots but those of the spore and no homeland but the wind.
I feel as one with that race of nomads who never formed a state.
Our spirit knew the abyss and the telluric sense of the natural surroundings.
Our history is that of a people who lost its star and vanished among the oxen.
But amidst the wreckage I found the north star flowing from the moon’s hair.
And the moon’s endless tresses are a labyrinth where I speak only to my love.

(English translation by Diana Conchado)

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